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"To reduce your stress levels whilst increasing your energy levels and improving performance"

BackIn15...Relax provides chair massage services to the workplace

Chair massage is becoming the most popular form of preventative healthcare in the workplace and with recent studies suggesting that regular backrubs can boost concentration, immunity and general health & vitality levels, chair massage in the workplace is an effective way of fulfilling employers' stress management health and safety obligation to their employees.

Both personal and workplace fatigue often manifest in stiff shoulders and necks with aching wrists. On-Site, seated massage is a great antidote for this. Chair massage can counteract the tight muscles caused by sitting badly in often pressured surroundings at work, it boosts circulation reducing symptoms of lagging concentration and decreased energy.

Enhancing circulation enables the body's self-healing mechanisms to work optimally.

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A few thoughts about workplace fatigue and "stress"...

Work related stress is increasingly being recognised as a major cost deficit for businesses. Enlightened companies offering alternative well-being solutions are perceived by employees to be tackling some of the root causes of stress, as well as taking an active interest in their well-being.

A 2002 Court of Appeal found that employers are not liable for causing stress, but may be liable for ill health caused by stress...

Stress is not an illness and not all stress is bad for you, it very often is a motivator. The Health & Safety Executive definition of "stress" is "the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or types of demands put upon them." Effects of stress are manifested as physical & mental symptoms ranging from anxiety / depression to physical ill health always undermining performance and productivity.

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